Lucie’s story

“I joined 10xFitness in May 2021 after recently returning home to Devon. I was still running but missed my PT sessions and came across 10x Fitness through the company I worked for at the time. I have been training with both Kev and Lou in classes ever since and I’m normally there 3/4 times a week. The groups are small and Kev and Lou are always guiding and coaching us, even if they too are joining in. I think that’s great! They are both great advocates for staying fit and healthy themselves which is truly inspirational. It’s a also a great drive and incentive to try and keep up with them!”


“When I initially joined, I had signed up for a series of Marathons and Ultra Marathons and wanted to strengthen my legs to aid me in the events I had lined up. On completion of those, I became a full time member of 10x as of October 2021 with a focus on becoming stronger and fitter and in all honesty, I had become hooked on the classes, the environment and the people. I love the variety, the team support and It has brought out my competitive side which drives me to push myself. Everyone supports everyone. I never regret a 5am alarm to be In the gym at 6am. It sets me up for the day or the evening classes help me to switch off from the daily pressures of life.”

“Fast forward 16 months and I can’t believe the difference in how I feel physically and mentally. I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been. I’ve noticed it in the events I have done this year, with my most recent ultra trail marathon where I knocked 1 hour off my time from last year. I am still on a high but it’s given me more a drive to continue getting stronger and faster up the hills and along coastal paths.”


“Lou and Kev have been a great support, giving me training advice, advising me on classes that would help, putting together great classes and exercises, tapering methods on the lead up to events and generally they are always there if I need support advice. I am now training for a 50 mile Ultra Trail Marathon across Dartmoor and looking forward to seeing how much further I can push myself in 2023 and looking at qualifying for some epic Ultra distances in 2024.”


A word from Louise

“Lucies progress throughout the past year is testament to the effort and hard work she has put in these past few months. Its fantastic to see how much her strength and overall conditioning has improved over what has been a relatively short space of time. Lucie takes part in at least 4-5 classes a week and has become an integral member of the 10X community, she is always happy, bubbly and friendly with every member of the squad.”

“I can say on behalf of everyone that we can’t wait to see the results you produce over the next few years, 10X Fitness will be there supporting you every step of the way.”