I joined 10x July 2019, when I moved back into the area. I came across 10x Fitness on social media and realised Kev was a co-owner, we had worked together about 10 years previous but had lost touch.

I found myself at a point where I really wasn’t happy with who I saw in the mirror and that small bit of familiarity gave me the confidence to get in touch. It had been quite some time since I had stepped foot in a gym prior to my son being born in 2014 via c-section and I didn’t love the body I had.

I met the lovely Lou, and became one of her PT clients as well as taking part in the great class selection. I quickly found a love for strength training which I had not really done previously, probably because I had never trained with a PT.

When Lou sent me my first set of “before” and after photos after 3 months work I was so happy with the progress we had made, and by December I was one stone down. I don’t feel I worry too much about what the scales say, as I go off how I look in my clothes and how I feel, but seeing that drop did feel great!

Then of course, Covid hit! I still remained a member of 10x, part-taking in the online classes and having continued support from Lou & Kev but I did start to lose focus as we went through those crazy times. I definitely lost consistency, gained weight and due to my job post Covid I couldn’t manage a routine as well. I had also stopped my 1-2-1 sessions with Louise during and post her maternity leave.

Moving forward to February 2022 I was back in a 9-5 role that enabled me to plan my session’s better, and I had signed up for an Ultra white Collar boxing event. The support from 10x during that 8 weeks training and to have them there on the night was amazing, I really felt the love, so thank you guys.

At the start of this year I found myself struggling with a lot going on around me and for the first time I could say, I am not ok! The one thing that kept my routine and my get up and go was 10x and my fitness. I think its ok as a mum to be selfish at times and balance my needs around the needs of my son and partner.

Since January I have almost consistently hit 5 to 6 classes a week, and I am loving how I currently feel. I feel fitter, stronger and leaner than I ever have! I love the mix of strength and cardio classes and I love the summer when bootcamp becomes an outside class. Bring on Hyrox in November, I know as a team we are going to smash it and I am excited to see where my fitness is at in 5 months’ time.

For me 10x is first and foremost about the fitness but the community feel is immeasurable, the regular walks and social event they plan, to bring people and their families together has opened a whole new group of friends during the last four years.

Whether its Lou, Kev or Karl taking the class I enjoy my time there, and I would 100% recommend 10x to anyone. I don’t think they’ll ever get rid of me!

A word from Louise

“From the first time I met Sabrina I knew we would get on well, she is extremely kind, caring, incredibly focused and always good for a laugh. 

Sabrina has been on one hell of a journey these past few years and the strength she has shown both physically and mentally tells me that she can do anything and I can’t wait to see how the next few years pan out for her.”