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Client stories – Amy

Meet Amy Amy joined 10X Fitness August 2019, from then on she has gone from strength to strength working towards her fitness goals. Amy’s story: “I started my 10X Fitness journey back in August 2019 and I have absolutely loved every minute. I started off having 2 personal training sessions a week with Louise where…

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Finding self love

Self love is not easy and it certainly isn’t instant We can’t just flick a switch and love ourselves and our bodies (and if you can then I salute you)! Most of us have a constant battle with our thoughts and self judgement, we must learn to be thankful to our body. Its not something…

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Progress not perfection

How would you define perfection?  I’d say this is pretty accurate… “When something or someone has improved to a point at which it/they are deemed faultless.” What a load of crock hey! I mean it sounds wonderful but perfection doesn’t really exist does it? I’m certain you can get pretty damn close to it at…

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