“I’m  Charlotte, I’m 36, mum of two under 5, wife to David and part time teacher of early years. After our first son was born in 2019 I had some post baby weight I wanted to shift and wanted to feel more confident in a bikini for our first family holiday together. After having had a c-section and previous ACL knee injury I was nervous to return to exercise. My husband David had previously had PT with Lou and really  recommended it.”


“Lou worked her magic, friendly, welcoming, goal driven and knew exactly how to get me to where I wanted to be. Lou really understood how to build my core post c-section and even gave me exercises I could do in my own time at home. We looked at my diet to help make manageable lifestyle and diet changes to get me back on track. It’s not easy to always to manage with tiny babies.”


“Post holiday I stopped PT and returned to work early. Feeling very overwhelmed with leaving Thomas, a new year group, a new curriculum, my days off were filled and I believed I didn’t have time as a new working mummy to continue with PT, even though I loved it! A sacrifice you think you should take when you become a new mummy.”


“Post lockdown our daughter Phoebe was born (a miracle baby), a second c-section due to a uterine rupture. Phoebe made her way into this world through my previous c-scar. Instead of a normal recovery able to lift your child, push your newborn after 8 weeks I was still unable to push her in her pushchair at 14 weeks. Recovery was taking forever, my mental health took a slide, I suffered separation anxiety from my loved ones and again my core strength had returned to zero. With little confidence in my post natal exercising abilities, anxiety and general self esteem I just wanted to feel better in myself again, loose some post baby weight and feel the feel good I used to get from exercise.”


“Out of the blue (six months post phoebe) in 2022 I get a text from Lou offering a free month subscription to classes at 10X Fitness. David my husband encouraged my return, knowing how much I used to love exercising and how much he enjoys training at 10X he believed it would help.”

“just try the classes and see how you feel.”

“So I did, each week I tried different classes, at first I needed a lot of encouragement just to leave the house and take an hour for myself, some weeks I just couldn’t face it due to high levels of anxiety but with support from home and a gentle nudge from Lou now and then returning to classes each week got easier. I started with 1-2 per week which was enough to begin to build my confidence and start re-building my fitness. I soon fell in love again with the atmosphere, training in small groups no bigger than 14 to a class, I even started to get to know a few people who were like minded and leaving the house for an hour became much easier. Everyone is so friendly. I even enjoy the little bits of competition between us all, it’s re-tuned my competitive side which I love. I love that as a mummy of two under 5 and working as a teacher I have reignited my passion for fitness.”

“It’s been tough at times especially during months where lack of sleep have been my worst enemy. When I thought and believed I didn’t or would never have time it goes to show you just need to make time. No excuses, self care and self love are hugely important and 10X have been so supportive. The feeling of Just being able to take an hour of the evening for myself and think of nothing else, completely switch off to everything other than the exercises in the class has helped me immensely with my anxiety, my sleep, my overall well-being and of course my fitness.”


“The PTs were so welcoming and supportive, I felt like I’d never been away. They adapted exercise and gave alternatives and helped me build my core strength back up again progressively. I remember one of my first HIIT and Core classes with Kev. I asked him how long will it be until I can do a proper burpee?”

“you’ll get it just keep practising”

“Of course he was right a year on and I mark my progress by my burpees. Lou even gives me tips to improve my burpee technique which I love. It’s like having personal PT just in a group. It doesn’t matter where you start, everyone has different goals, Kev and Lou and the rest of the team are there to support, encourage and push you in the right direction.”


“There is a little competition between us especially in WODFIT and now we’re all training for HYROX a competition for gym enthusiasts. I would never of thought this time last year I would have had the ability or the confidence to enter something like this. Since last year starting again at 10X has had a huge impact on my health, well-being and overall physical ability. I would hands down completely recommend 10X to anyone looking to get back into exercise, to regain some confidence, or even headspace. The classes are the best out there. I swore to myself I will never go without 10X again.”


A word from Louise

“Charlottes progress this year is testament to the effort and hard work she has put in since returning back to 10X. Its fantastic to see all areas of her fitness (particularly her burpees) have improved and now with Hyrox as a key focus, Charlotte has already starting to dedicate time to her training for the event.

Charlotte takes part in at least 4 classes a week and has become an integral member of the 10X community, she is one of the hardest working members of the team and she does it all with a  smile on her face.

Keep up the hard work.”