James’ story so far…

How long have you been working with Kev at 10X Fitness? 

I have been training with 10x fitness for just over 8 months. I started in early December 21st where Kevin carried out an assessment and I started by doing two PT sessions a week. As time has gone by, I have continued the two PT sessions but added to that several classes.


Did you have any specific fitness goals in mind when you joined 10X Fitness?

During my initial assessment my goal was simply to lose a bit of weight, to feel more active and to generally be less tired. The initial results and enjoyment from working with Kevin meant that my goals soon changed, and I wanted to get fitter and challenge myself to live a healthier lifestyle in general. I have continued with my PT sessions as have found that these have really helped me focus on what I want from training, which is not just weight loss but a change in body structure. The assessments have helped to track my progress and is a good time to check-in and set new goals.


Why choose 10x Fitness?

I have tried to go back to a gym, taken out annual memberships etc but nothing has really worked for me. I also felt that during lockdown with the increased lack of activity and working from home I really started to increase in size. I realised that it would be much better to have a professional guide me, and would have much better results than just me having a go in a gym. The schedule and structure of the classes are great, there is a clear focus, and you really feel that no time is wasted. The reason why I chose 10x Fitness is that for me the location needed to be close to home as I am more likely to keep it going then. Also, my first impressions of 10x Fitness were very good. Kevin was very professional but also very welcoming which is great for anyone who has not been in a gym for a while!


How often do you train at 10X Fitness?

I’m eight months in and I’m now training 4-5 times a week. My training sessions are two PT sessions a week (which focus on upper body, lower body and core strength), I then also do three classes which are cardio based. The classes offer not just a challenging work out but also a good social environment. I have also enjoyed becoming more competitive again by going to the WODFit sessions. The classes are easy to book, not over crowed and work well with the rest of life!


What does 10x Fitness mean to you? 

Initially I was looking for something just to point me back in the right direction and possibly to undo a bit of the lockdown effect. From starting with 10x Fitness I am now enjoying staying fit, as I remembered I used to when I was in my twenties! They have also given me a new appreciation of food choices and shown that fitness classes can be really good fun! I can honestly say I should have done this years ago and it is the most positive change I have made in my life. The best bit with 10x Fitness is you get personal help, mixed with classes that are a good size, good fun and challenging.


A word from Kev

Quite simply James has been ultra-consistent since day one. Whether it be the training schedule we’ve progressively ramped up or the tweaks we’ve made to his nutrition, he has trusted the process and been fully committed throughout. 

Combine with this the resolute determination to push himself to achieve his absolute best no matter the workout then you’ve got yourself a fantastic recipe for success. 

The results James has achieved in the past 8 months speak for themselves:

  • 2 1/2 stone weight loss
  • 24 inches lost off different sites on the body (7 inches off the waist)
  • Impressive increases in cardio output and levels of conditioning 
  • Improvements in posture and overall strength 
  • Confidence in himself and his ability to exercise 

James, you’re an absolute pleasure to train and I just wanted to say a huge ‘well done!’ from myself and the rest of the team for all you’ve achieved so far. I don’t want you resting on your laurels though as we both know there is still more to come!