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Client stories – Lizzie

Meet Lizzie Lizzie joined 10X Fitness at the start of 2019, since then she has been nothing but consistent, determined and as you can see her results speak for themselves. Lizzie’s story: “I’ve been working with Lou as my PT for well over a year. My main focus was to improve my overall strength, which…

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Time to take control

Not necessarily the way in which Gwyneth Paltrow has decided to embrace lockdown but then again it’s entirely up to you.  I think referring back to my previous blog is perhaps a good place to start…. ‘Progress not perfection’ (or maybe not!) I do believe this statement holds an even more powerful meaning right now…

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Progress not perfection

How would you define perfection?  I’d say this is pretty accurate… “When something or someone has improved to a point at which it/they are deemed faultless.” What a load of crock hey! I mean it sounds wonderful but perfection doesn’t really exist does it? I’m certain you can get pretty damn close to it at…

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