A word from Chris

“My journey with Shane started around 3 years ago now.

It began with the idea of losing weight. I was 108kg (now 65kg) and only being 5ft6 I was in the type two obesity catorgy.

We looked at my lifestyle and nutrition and implemented a weekly plan, starting with 3 resistant training sessions, lower calories at 15% deficit and made sure I achieved 10k steps on a daily basis.

The weight started to shift and I was really happy.

However I suffer from depression and anxiety so it was a long process. Overtime Shane really stood by me to understand my way of thinking until he crack the best way to train me.

We now work in 6 week goals to knock it out the park and onto the next straight away.

He’s great fun to work with and has a true passion for helping people. He’s a credit to the fitness industry and I’m glad to have him as apart of my life.”

A word from his trainer Shane

“Chris has made some incredible changes over the past 3 years. He wanted to feel healthy and confident in his own body after feeling quite unhappy with the way he looked.  

We began to focus on long term sustainable goals rather than short term quick fixes and it wasn’t long before he began to notice a significant changes in his body shape and health.

Chris’ whole lifestyle has now changed and he loves his exercise, not only to reap the physical benefits but it really helps with his mental health too. He feels like a completely new person and created healthy habits to last for a lifetime.

Well done, Chris! You have worked extremely hard and have always been a pleasure to train.”