A word from Holly

“I began my fitness journey around two and a half years ago. My friend did personal training with Lou before 10x started their gym. When they opened up they were offering free classes for their first month and she invited me to come along with her so I said why not!

I’ve always wanted to get into fitness but didn’t know how to start, and I’m so glad I’ve found Lou and Kev because I now wouldn’t want to go anywhere else! All the members that have joined over the past couple of years are so lovely and really make it feel like you’re part of a team.

Working out improves my mood and energy levels, I’ve become stronger and fitter and I am finally able to do more than one press up! I did tough mudder with the 10x team last year which I wouldn’t have even considered before. It definitely gave me a boost and felt great when we completed it, especially with the support from the team to help.

I mostly go to their strength classes as they’re my favourite (because there’s no cardio!) and I can really notice my progress. Each class is well organised and there’s quite a variety to choose from. Spinning is a tough one for me but the atmosphere they’ve created is awesome and I feel great afterwards. Also, I’ve found that all classes are suitable for everyone no matter your fitness level, beginner or a pro. Lou and Kev are great motivators, they push me to try harder and they know I need some encouragement every now and then to get me moving! 

I can’t wait to get stronger and see 10x fitness grow too! I’m so grateful for everything. Thank you guys!”

A word from Kev

“We are so lucky to have Holly here as part of the 10X team. Although a younger member of the group she’s been with us from the start and is much loved by all. 

Having not really participated in fitness classes before joining 10X it’s fantastic to see how much her strength and levels of conditioning have developed in a relatively short space of time. In addition to this she was part of the tough mudder team in 2019 and recently completed the 2000 Burpee challenge!

Holly is easy-going, positive and always willing to push herself (with a little persuasion from me!) to achieve more. As she continues to progress and grow moving forwards we look forward to supporting her every step of the way. Well done holly!”