A word from Alex

“I stumbled on the gym one day back in Autumn 2019. I’d been to the vets and as I walked back to the car I spotted a couple of very fit looking people working out in one of the units there. Why didn’t I know about this place? I spoke briefly to Louise, who suggested I signed up for a class or two and see how I got on. 18 months on and I’m doing 4 or 5 classes and 2 PT sessions a week and honestly I have never felt so good.

Historically I had belonged to a bigger gym and been a regular for years but the difference at 10X is that every class feels a little more exclusive, it felt like I was having an individual PT session every time I went to a class.

This last year has been really tough for everyone and Louise, Kev and the team have done an absolutely incredible job morphing their business model every time the restrictions have changed. The fact that I have been able to not just continue to attend classes and sessions but to actually improve my fitness even more during this time speaks volumes about their commitment to their members.”

My Top Tips for Staying Motivated

  1. Have a goal in mind. My ultimate long term goal is to live to 100 and still have good mental and physical health. I know that’s a pretty long term goal but it’s what gets me to every session. So whether it’s a shorter more tangible goal or a more audacious long term target just make it important enough to get you to show up.
  2. Try all the different classes even if you think you aren’t going to enjoy them.
    I have never been into spin or a Pilates style (10X Flow) sessions but I gave them a try and surprised myself how much I enjoyed them. Doing a wide variety of sessions is great for all round levels of strength, flexibility and cardio.
  3. PT Sessions – Game Changers. I would recommend signing up for PT sessions to help you achieve specific individual goals.
    I detest strength training. Always have, but I know that I need to do it for good health and if I want to live to 100 it’s essential! I did some strength classes but if they clashed with a cardio workout then the cardio always won. If I was struggling to fit other commitments into my diary it would always be the strength session evenings that I found myself happily committing to other things. No wonder I wasn’t making any gains! So knowing this I decided to sign up for 2 PT sessions a week with Louise because I know that time is now a committed appointment each week and I’m not going to be able to welch out. I’m thrilled with the results. I have no plans to be super strong and lifting heavy is not on my agenda but a lean, toned, strong body is and every session I do helps me get a little bit closer to that ideal. Maybe you love strength but not into cardio, maybe flexibility is your nemesis. It’s your PT session – use it to help you improve your all round health and fitness goals.
  4. Make it a Priority
    I hope no-one from work or none of my clients reads this! My fitness sessions are the first thing in my diary every week. Everything else gets slotted in around them. If something really important comes up I might change a session or on a rare occasion cancel.


A word from Louise

I can still remember the moment Alex came to speak to us regarding the gym, Kev and I were finishing a cardio session on the prowler! How I managed to hold a conversation I will never know.

Alex has always been passionate about her health and fitness and that comes across through her personality. She is always happy, bubbly and makes a real effort to talk to everyone during classes (you might even hear her singing throughout a few spin tracks too)!!

Her progress throughout the past year (in particular) has been exceptional. Alex set her mind to achieving a few specific targets and has absolutely smashed them. We have had to adapt her sessions through the various lockdowns but Alex has continued to make improvements and has not missed a session yet. She does nearly every online class we offer (plus a couple extra) and we have 2 online PT strength based sessions every week.

Alex now has a better understanding of her body and what works for her, if she’s a bit sore or fatigued we may just focus on mobility for that particular session. Previously she would have pushed through and done more damage than good. She has also found a good balance with her nutrition and this has been a big contributing factor to her improvements.

As hard as she is working now I know Alex is looking forward to getting back into the gym to help push herself that little bit harder. Until then be sure to keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store.