As you may have seen on our Instagram I’ve recently started listening to a podcast by Steven Bartlett who is the CEO of a company called the ‘Social Change Group’. He had Joe Wicks as a guest speaker on his latest episode, which is how I came to discover him.

This particular episode I was listening to was titled ‘Social media is destroying our society’. Seeing as Steven’s whole life is based on social media I was quite surprised by this. However he has hit the nail right on the head. Thank 

“Is what you’re currently reading inspiring you or teaching you something beneficial?”

For our business a lot of our advertising and promoting comes from social media and it is a fantastic platform to do so. We can reach out to an audience that is far greater than just our clients in Torbay or Devon.

However I do find that I can end up spending too much time just scrolling through my timeline looking at nothing really that important or valuable (apart from pictures of puppies)!The next thing I know 10 minutes have passed and Ive lost all train of thought and what I was doing in the first place. 

Steven states that your timeline (whether its Instagram, Facebook, Linkdin etc) is your modern day library and asks, “Is what you’re currently reading inspiring you or teaching you something beneficial?”

He brings up a great point, you wouldn’t take a book out of the library if you didn’t want to learn or read something you would enjoy (not that anyone really goes to the library these days)!

With mental health being a massive subject in todays society social media can be the tipping point in determining your mood and mental state. What you look at or read can determine how you feel for the rest of the day. So one way to help improve your state of mind is to regularly upgrade your library, unfollow anyone who doesn’t help improve your perspective on the world.

For me I’ve started to really focus more on following entrepreneurs, successful business’ and anyone that will inspire me to make our business and the service we provide better for our clients. It motivates me everyday to do the best I can to help others and for us to keep improving 10X Fitness.

Declutter your library and start to follow those who inspire you.