A word from Alli

I first met Kev in March 2017 when my work colleagues kindly presented me with a gift voucher for personal training sessions. Kev was working in Exeter at the time which suited me well due to my work commitments. I had never experienced 1-1 Personal Training before so at first I was a little apprehensive however I soon realised the benefits that our focused sessions were having. Despite Kevs inability to count my reps or timed rounds properly (a little PT trick I think!) he would vary the training ensuring it was always fun and challenging. At this point, I continued to see him once a week for a number of months, as well as completing sessions at home with the personalised training plan he had provided for me.


I’m sure this is a common issue for most people but I have always found that working with a group of people or being pushed by someone else will always make me work harder than when I’m training on my own. With that being said I felt that I wasn’t quite getting enough out of my home workouts so Kev eventually persuaded me to go along to the Bootcamp sessions in Exeter. This is also the point at which Paddy decided to join the 10X Fitness team! Come rain or shine we thoroughly enjoyed these sessions; working hard and building a strong rapport with the other team members. We were keen to participate in more group-based training sessions so we were, of course, excited to hear that Kev and Lou were able to offer a wider variety of classes with the opening of the 10X Fitness training facility in Newton Abbot!


At 10X Fitness I continue to see Kev for PT on a weekly basis as well as the both of us attending a number of the classes their timetable has to offer. The online class booking system is so easy to use and we recently upgraded to the all-inclusive membership proving cost-efficient and giving us the freedom to do as many classes as we wish every week. If I was to recommend a specific class to anyone I would say our personal favourites are Strength, Core & Tabata and bootcamp.

Kev and Lou are great at what they do and make all the sessions fun and enjoyable, as well as being hard work. Recently they also somehow managed to convince us to compete in a Tough Mudder event with the rest of the 10X team. We had a brilliant day with everyone and felt a huge sense of accomplishment in completing the challenge; so dare I say it………bring on the next one! Our fitness has improved so much since we joined them and we can’t thank them enough for the support and motivation they continue to provide us. We would highly recommend 10X Fitness to anyone – even ‘oldies’ like us!”

A word from us

“These guys truly are a cornerstone of the 10X Fitness team; two of the original members who have the work ethic, consistency and positive attitude backed up by the fact that they are all round lovely people. We are proud of what you have both achieved since working with us and we will continue to enjoy watching your strength and fitness improve each and every week. A fantastic example to all that the ‘oldies’ (although you’d never bloody know it!) can set such high standards for everyone else to adhere to. I think it says a lot when you are able to speak to anyone at 10X Fitness to understand how highly they are regarded and respected. Thank you for your hard work and support guys and well done for getting through the tough mudder (just about) in one piece!

P.s I will try my best to improve my counting.……no promises though!”