Meet Amy

Amy joined 10X Fitness August 2019, from then on she has gone from strength to strength working towards her fitness goals.

Amy’s story:

“I started my 10X Fitness journey back in August 2019 and I have absolutely loved every minute. I started off having 2 personal training sessions a week with Louise where we worked on gaining strength and losing weight. 

After a few months I began to really notice my body shape beginning to change. Louise had put me on a new nutrition plan, which really opened my eyes to what I could actually eat (I also noticed I started to get a little braver trying new foods). It didn’t feel like a diet either, I was surprised how easy I found it and now it’s just part of my everyday lifestyle. I feel 100 times better in myself when I’m eating this way, plus my energy levels and focus have improved as well. 

Amy’s progress pictures from August 2019 to May 2020

It wasn’t long before I was starting to see and feel an increase in my fitness too, so I decided to start taking part in some of the fitness classes 10X run. I don’t know why I didn’t start sooner, it’s really nice to meet so many likeminded and friendly people. Being in that environment makes it much more enjoyable to work out.

Kev and Lou have really helped to keep me motivated and now I have the bug for it I’m determined to keep going. 

Cheers guys”

A few words from trainer Lou

“Amy came to me wanting to improve her fitness but mainly to work on her total body strength. She had set goals and targets in mind and was willing to do what it took to progress. 

During Amy’s initial consultation she also told me she was going to be a bridesmaid in the Summer of the following year and wanted to feel confident in her bridesmaids dress. Not only did she have that key focus, Amy was so eager to learn more about nutrition as well as her training. We sat down and created a specific calorie controlled nutrition plan and to her testament she stuck to it 100%. 

Unfortunately the wedding was postponed due to Covid-19 however Amy has still had that same drive and focus throughout lockdown. She is taking part in our online Core and Tabata classes as well as WODFIT and working through her home training programs. I also found out recently she has now had to order a smaller bridesmaid dress for next year as she is now a size 8 (which she has never been before). 

Not only has her body shape changed but Amy’s confidence has blossomed, she has time for everyone and always stops for a chat after class (its normally Kev wanting to talk to her about football)!

She’s one of the kindest people I know and she deserves all the success in the world, keep up the hard work.

Amazing work Amy”