Partner training

It can be difficult to always train on your own, I know we find it hard sometimes. From my own experiences I have found that I will always push myself that little bit more if I have someone either encouraging me or if Im competing against someone.

We have put together a partner core workout for you to try, this would be a great finisher to whatever session you’re doing in the gym or at home, so grab somebody, anybody and get involved.

The workout

Exercise 1 – For this you will need 2 medicine or slam balls (preferably the same weight). As you can see from the video, 1 ball is placed on Kev’s legs and the other in his hands. As he sits up and passes me the ball he then takes the other from his legs and repeats the process. It may take a few goes to get the rhythm but once you’ve nailed it you’ll be flying.

Exercise 2 – Now were hitting the obliques! Face away from your partner with your feet off the floor. As you receive the ball take it across the body towards the floor and throw it back, keeping those arms straight through out. Make sure you do both sides on this one!

Exercise 3 – For this exercise the one throwing the ball has all the power. Make sure you test your partner a little by varying the positions you throw the ball. For those of you on the floor, your aim is to maintain a seated position through out this exercise trying not to loose balance.

Exercise 4 – Again you could be a little mean on this one and make your partner work pretty hard. Targets are set my the person standing whilst partner 2 has to sit up and hit your hand with the ball, simples!!

Exercise 5 – Ok this exercise requires a little trust and communication. As the video shows Im holding the slam ball above Kev’s chest (making sure I don’t drop it)! He then has to sit up to touch the ball, then takes it, then gives it back. Make sure you tell your partner each time what they’re doing as no doubt once they have done a few you might forget.

Exercise 6 – Similar to exercise 3 but this time as you catch the ball you perform 6 russian twists before you throw it back.

And thats the circuit done.

This workout can be done two different ways either for time or reps, its up to you. We did this yesterday for time, 45s on each exercise and then rested whilst the other worked. You could (to take the tempo up a notch) perform all 6 exercises back to back with a 10-15s rest in-between.

Let us know what you think of the workout and how you got on.