Not necessarily the way in which Gwyneth Paltrow has decided to embrace lockdown but then again it’s entirely up to you. 

I think referring back to my previous blog is perhaps a good place to start….

‘Progress not perfection’ (or maybe not!)

I do believe this statement holds an even more powerful meaning right now as it is can be relatable to any aspect of life, not just exercise. It’s important for me to clarify however that I completely understand if progress isn’t quite happening for you at the moment and you may feel a bit lost.

There have certainly been times where I’ve struggled to focus, lacked motivation and felt confused, so hopefully you can take some comfort in knowing you’re not the only person battling your emotions!

It’s totally acceptable to be experiencing these feelings right now considering the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in. We have never had to deal with this type of challenge before so it really is impossible to know how any of us are going to react. There’s plenty of thinking to do, lots to be concerned about and a whole different level of uncertainty we are all having to deal with! AAARRRGH! Who knew having less to do could prove to be more stressful! 

Then you’ve get these people who are apparently thriving in their lockdown life and dealing with this whole situation far better than you are! Just look at how productive terry was today completing his 5k in under 5 mins whilst I’m over here finishing my 6th packet of custard creams this week……b*****d! 

The thing is productivity really is a personal thing, what works for me may not work for you. However eating 6 packets of custard creams clearly isn’t healthy nor is it productive, so if the struggle is real then my advice is for you to open your mind a little more and attempt to find yourself a healthier hobby. 

There are plenty of ways in which you can improve and increase your self-efficacy. The first and most important step is to ensure that you’re patient when gaining an understanding of the psychology around what makes you personally more productive. Don’t concern yourself with other people’s achievements or obsess yourself with trying to out-do someone else, instead focus on the things that you can control. These are 3 key factors of self-control that you can manage daily:

  • Your interpretations
  • Your beliefs 
  • Your actions 

I want you to take an opportunity at some point today to find a quiet space, attempt to switch off from any negative thoughts and open your mind to the opportunities you now have available to you. It may even be worth considering creating a list of the positive changes that have happened recently (and before you say it….YES there definitely are some!). Of course your priorities will shift and understandably your goals will change however this doesn’t make the outcomes any less important. 

The most essential and practical piece of advise I can give you at the moment is to simply create a routine. The key to a successful routine is in actual fact it’s simplicity. Routines don’t need to be over-planned or obsessively detailed down to every small detail. What they do need to do however is provide you with a basic daily structure that allows you to build each and every day around. It’s important to focus on the basics:

  • Wake up time 
  • Work hours or productivity (new skill, project)
  • Health (exercise, self-care)
  • Bed time 

Allow time every day for each one of these key factors and adhere to the plan without hesitation or excuse. It’s a simple place to start but an incredibly solid foundation with which to build a productive day around. 

Each day will offer a different challenge mentally so it’s just a case of rolling with the punches and functioning as best you can. Some days you’re going to be productive and some days you won’t. Some days you’ll feel motivated and some days you won’t. The one thing you can control each and every day however is the decision as to whether you show up or not and that is what truly matters. 

Embrace change in your own way, stay connected with loved ones, keep showing up and remember that you’re not embarking on this perilous journey on your own. 

Stay safe and see you soon.