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5 definitive ways to get the most out of your training

By Kevin Dadd | 25th October 2017

As a 10x fitness coach I’m often asked things such as……. “What’s the best way to lose 2 stone?” “How do I get bigger arms?” “I really want to run a marathon, where do I start?!” “I’m 5ft 7 tall and I’d like to be 6ft, is this possible?!” Ummmm, sorry pal, unfortunately I can’t…

A workout for the two of you

By Louise Butterworth | 19th October 2017

Partner training It can be difficult to always train on your own, I know we find it hard sometimes. From my own experiences I have found that I will always push myself that little bit more if I have someone either encouraging me or if Im competing against someone. We have put together a partner…

10X Fitness in a nutshell

By Kevin Dadd | 27th September 2017

We’re super proud to show you all that 10X Fitness has to offer by introducing you to our snazzy new website! Here you can access all the information on the different products and services we are able to provide for you lovely people, plus so much more. Social media Don’t forget to check out our…