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Weekday Chicken Roast

I love this recipe, its taken from Holly Willoughby’s Truly Scrumptious Baby book. It’s great weekday meal and takes very little preparation so perfect for busy lives! All you need is a big roasting pan to throw everything in and let it do its thing. The new potatoes are in their skin so no time…

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Finding self love

Self love is not easy and it certainly isn’t instant We can’t just flick a switch and love ourselves and our bodies (and if you can then I salute you)! Most of us have a constant battle with our thoughts and self judgement, we must learn to be thankful to our body. Its not something…

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The benefits of spinning

In our last blog we introduced our new 10X Spin class. This month I want to talk to you about the benefits of the class and how it could enhance your training regime. I often hear people talk about the love/hate relationship they have with spinning; they hate how hard it can be but love…

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