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Fitness Classes

Outdoor group training


If you are looking for a fitness class in the South Devon area then why not come and join us at our 10X Bootcamps. We run this exciting, fun, but challenging class at Coach Road, Newton Abbot. By implementing a wide variety of training methods and using our 10X functional training gear you are sure to never be bored of a group training session again! This workout provides you with a great opportunity to increase your fitness levels, feel energised and invoke that competitive spirit all in one workout. Join our team of fitness enthusiasts now!


Build muscle & increase strength


In this class the emphasis is placed on developing your overall strength whilst also achieving an increase in lean muscle tone. The benefits of this session go far beyond just building muscle though. You will see improvements in posture, an increase in your BMR (which will assist considerably with fat loss), improved bone density and better body mechanics. Each week your primary focus will be on perfecting the techniques used when performing a compound movement such as a squat, deadlift or bench press. Following on from this you will then carry out a number of supplementary exercises, with the session finally being concluded with a tough ‘finisher’ exercise.

High octane, competitive & fun


Often working in teams or with a partner this class combines a mix of free weights, bodyweight exercises and functional cardio equipment. Competing against fellow 10Xers is the name of the game in this one! Similar to HIIT workouts WODs push the body to its maximum for extended periods of time but with fewer breaks. Whether it’s a timed workout or an AMRAP this class provides you with a great opportunity to increase your fitness levels, feel energised and invoke that competitive spirit all in one workout.


Our 10X

Combo Classes

Cardio & abs blast

Core and Tabata

HIIT workouts focus on short bursts of intense exercise interspersed with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise. This style of training is a highly effective full-body workout primarily targeting the anaerobic energy system. Combining HIIT with core exercises specifically designed to target your abdominal muscles will have you transforming your body into a fat-burning machine in no time at all!


Fire up that metabolism

Cardio Conditioning

Your body is the greatest tool you have, so why not use it? Although Bodyweight Flow is a low impact fitness class it still offers an energetic pace. With controlled breathing, concentration and carefully structured functional movements this workout will bring the body into a state of harmony and balance. We focus on improving strength, flexibility and posture whilst promoting a positive outlook on your body. Whether it’s maintenance work, injury recovery or core muscle development you will walk out of the class feeling brand new. By using elements of animal flow, yoga and mobility, this unique fitness class will make you work up a sweat and burn energy without all the jumping and running around.

Our 10X

Specialist Classes


Friday night fun!

HIIT Party

It's Friday night, it's the end of the working week so what better way to celebrate and unwind than with this fast-paced, high-energy, music-based workout! Exercise, dance, and enjoy the feel-good vibes this fun-filled class has to offer! A session that focuses on interval training with the added excitement of having an action-packed party playlist to further energise your workout. Get fit and party your way into the weekend!

Let Off Some Steam


A session that will challenge you both mentally and physically; boxing offers you a fantastic opportunity to let off some steam, learn some new boxing skills and experience that endorphin rush all in one power packed workout! This popular class merges traditional boxing drills such as bag and pad work with explosive and effective conditioning exercises. An excellent training combination, that ensures you are developing your boxing technique whilst also improving your strength, power and cardiovascular fitness. A great stress release too!